Battlefield Hardline | Smooth? Not So Fast…

Smooth launch?!! It’s not as bad as the BF4 launch but there are some infuriating bugs here that stick a spanner in the wheels.
Just to name a few of the top of my noggin:
Missing CTE Improvements.
Ghost Reload – you reload, the animation completes but leaves you with no bullets.
Terrible TDM spawns on all server player capacities.
One frame death or instant death bug.
Health regen bug.
Damage Distribution Failure.
Character animations and positions misalignment.
Jerky player movements.
Rubber banding.
Frame drops despite frame counters reading no drops.
UI bugs – selecting pistol attachments will return you to primary loadout etc.
Horrendous vehicle physics.
Bullet proof bushes and various soft terrain.
Getting stuck on precisely nothing – then being killed.

That’s not to mention the balance and game mode and map troubles.

NOTE: Amusing Duck actually broke during the filming of this video :(


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